Tooth Trauma Truths

Handling tooth trauma is essential when you want to keep your child’s smile sparkling. A knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, or a loosened permanent tooth at home or at school occurs often especially with children.

Here are the steps when dealing with a knocked out tooth:

  1. Make sure your child does not have any other injuries such as a concussion or a broken jaw.
  2. Don’t try to reinsert the baby tooth because it would affect the permanent one coming behind it.
  3. The tooth should be held by the crown not the root to avoid infection.
  4. Rinse debris off the tooth with room temperature water.
  5. If the permanent tooth cannot be reinserted, keep the your child’s tooth moist and stored in a container until you can see a dentist.                                                                      Tooth injuries are never life threatening, but can affect a child’s appearance and their self-confidence; therefore, it is important to act quickly in a tooth trauma situation. That’s the truth. 

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    – Dr. Shakoori