Toothpaste Traits

Daily oral health routines dating back to ancient civilizations is centered around toothpaste. But, do you know what actually is in toothpaste that makes it so effective?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients that keep our teeth stainlessly white:

Fluoride- Key active ingredient in toothpaste. Makes the tooth more resistant to acid-attack by decay causing bacteria.

Mild Abrasives- Removes food debris and stains as well as sticky plaque that is forming on the teeth.

Humectants- Organic compound that holds water and maintains its moisture when exposed to air.

Binders- Binds the whole paste together to stabilize its form.

Sweetening/flavoring agents- Make brushing more enjoyable.

Antibacterial agents- Reduce plaque growth.

Detergents- Help coat the teeth.

Preservatives- Prevent the growth of microbes in the toothpaste.

Whiteners- Makes claims for whitening the teeth.

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Dr. Shakoori